Dogecoin eyes $1 mark, Monero and Chainlink’s competitor attracts top-tier investors



We have seen all sorts of events happening in the crypto world, where some of the best meme coins can capture a huge chunk of the market while fundamentally strong projects remain in the shadows. 

DOGE, with massive community backing, is an example of how hype can impact the price of a token. Some traders are already seeing it touch the $1 mark sooner than later, but that will depend on multiple factors. While we see how it goes, a new ICO, InQubeta, is competing with the likes of Chainlink and Monero.

Will Dogecoin touch the $1 mark?

Dogecoin has made quite the splash recently, riding the wave of meme culture straight into the hearts of a diverse crowd. It’s not just the seasoned crypto heads getting in on the action but also those looking for a fun entry point into the world of digital money. Dogecoin stands out, not so much for its tech or financial chops, but for its vibe: it’s all about community.

Yet, hitting that $1 dream is tricky. Detractors often say Dogecoin’s more about hype than substance, lacking the solid foundation other top crypto coins have. But DOGE believers see a different picture: its acceptance by more and more merchants and its die-hard community could mean Dogecoin’s joke could have the last laugh, making it a serious player in the crypto game. 

As Dogecoin starts popping up more in everyday transactions and online shops start accepting it, it’s beginning to shake off its meme coin image, hinting that its cultural clout could indeed cement its place in the crypto world with real, lasting value.

InQubeta: A new vanguard in AI crypto investment

While Dogecoin captures headlines with its rollercoaster market antics, a new name, InQubeta, is quietly turning heads among savvy investors. Positioned as a serious rival to crypto veterans like Monero and Chainlink, InQubeta stands out by weaving the untapped potential of AI into the fabric of crypto investments.

InQubeta is on a mission to simplify access to the once-gated world of AI startups, offering a golden ticket to the average investor through its innovative QUBE tokens. This platform is changing the game by allowing anyone to grab a piece of the AI pie, previously a feast for the Silicon Valley bigwigs only.

By making fractional investment a thing of reality, InQubeta is breaking open the door that has always kept retail on the sidelines.

The real kicker? InQubeta utilizes NFTs to offer shares in these AI companies, making investment outcomes transparent and directly related to their success. This not only enriches the investment landscape but also weaves a closer bond between investors and the tech pioneers driving these projects.

InQubeta’s vision doesn’t stop there. With a roadmap that dreams big – launching an NFT marketplace, rolling out the InQubeta swap, and firing up a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) – it’s clear they’re leading the march towards a future where AI and blockchain not just meet but meld in exciting ways.

Backed by a thorough audit and a presale buzz that’s already drawing in the millions, InQubeta’s journey towards cross-chain expansion in 2024 is not just promising; it’s practically in motion.


As Dogecoin dances its way towards the coveted $1 mark, fueled by a lively community and its irresistible meme magic, InQubeta is carving out its own place in the crypto world with something totally different. Very few initiatives are targeted towards making the investment game easy for average investors with small capital.

However, with InQubeta, one can expect to be a part of a circle where the big investors take a chance. But as always, doing your homework is essential before deciding on the best crypto investments.

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