Sui Network Integrates zkLogin Feature with Google and Facebook to Access dApps




Layer 1 blockchain Sui Network has announced a Zero Knowledge Login (zkLogin) feature for users to access decentralized applications (DApps) through social media details.

The new feature will help simplify adoption for new users who are not ‘web3 savvy’ giving them full access without dealing with the nitty gritty of external crypto wallets. 

According to a Sept. 13 press release, the Sui Foundation, users will access DApps through Facebook, Google, and Twitch details in a bid to utilize Web2 to ensure a smooth transition to Web3.

“Too many individuals – whose everyday lives would benefit from blockchain technologies – are irretrievably lost at our doorstep, frustrated at installing web3 wallets and managing seed phrases.” 

A pathway to drive adoption

 As blockchains roll out more use cases, there is a need to reduce the entry knowledge to give access to a wide range of users without no prior experience with the technology. 

Greg Siourounis, the managing director of the Sui Foundation, the move removes a hurdle while opening a gateway to billions of users.

“By enabling users to access dApps with the social logins they have grown comfortable using, zkLogin removes a major hurdle for bringing the benefits of blockchain-based applications to billions of mainstream users.” 

With this latest integration, developers can utilize the blockchain to onboard new users without multitasking with related technology awareness. 

In recent times, users have pointed out “blockchain jargon”, signing off transactions, and maintaining seed phrases as their industry setbacks.

Per the press release, this feature maintains utmost security and preserves user privacy in all decentralized applications on the blockchain. 

Sui network’s zkLogin utilizes zero-knowledge-proof technology for users to prove their identity and wallet ownership without disclosing certain facts traditionally required for access. 

The company also disclosed plans to expand this feature to Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and WeChat accounts.

Developers get creative with adoption

As adoption remains key for blockchain startups, devs have rolled out new ways to introduce users to crypto assets.

A notable example is the rise of Telegram trading bots like Banana Gun and Uninit which allow users to trade tokens and get easy access to airdrops from the social media platform.

The native token of Banana Gun, BANANA faced an unfortunate incident after a bug was detected in its contract leading to a price crash of over 99%. The team behind the project has pledged to compensate users and relaunch the token in the future.

Similarly, Moxy, a blockchain gaming company is onboarding new users through the creation of a competition-based esport that allows users to bet against each other rather than the traditional play-to-earn model. 


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