Ethereum Classic and Litecoin Price Predictions Falling As Investors Look to Metacade’s Presale to Maximize Investments



For those involved in Web3 and watching the markets, it can sometimes be difficult to appreciate the huge scale of the advancements being made. Slowly but surely, projects with real utility and solid use cases are making their way toward mainstream adoption, with large industries like finance and gaming likely to see huge disruption over the coming years as projects mature.

This provides a difficult backdrop for those projects which have failed to capture either a chunk of the market or the imagination of those building in Web3, and as Ethereum Classic and Litecoin both fall into this category, these projects will be focused on trying to keep their heads above the water as the space matures.

In contrast, the new GameFi project Metacade seems to go from strength to strength during its presale. With the newcomer offering the potential for huge returns, investors realize that tokens such as MCADE may offer a much stronger investment opportunity than more established projects.

What is Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum Classic is, as the name suggests, the original Ethereum chain. In 2016, Ethereum saw a hacker exploit a vulnerability that allowed them to walk away with $50 million, which resulted in a hard fork of the Ethereum chain.

The fork that removed the hacker’s funds is the Ethereum that we know today, while the original chain became Ethereum Classic and has remained active. As a result, the ETC token is, from a utility perspective, the same as ETH.

Can ETC reach $40 in 2023?

While Ethereum Classic retains a passionate fanbase, the project has only a tiny fraction of the support for the main Ethereum chain, and this can be seen in the Ethereum Classic price. In recent years the project has taken steps to increase the level of integration with Ethereum in order to broaden its use cases, but there is no doubt that ETC has a difficult future ahead, and the Ethereum Classic price reaching even $40 is likely to be difficult outside of a bull run driving speculation.

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is a project born from a fork of Bitcoin in order to try to avoid a small concentration of miners. As a result, the project uses a completely different hashing algorithm and has diverged substantially from Bitcoin over the years.

Can LTC hold its value in 2023?

The biggest challenge the Litecoin price prediction faces is securing a space in the market. Much less well-known than Bitcoin, it also faces competition in the payments space from countless other projects designed on more recent technology and specifically for that purpose.

With this in mind, it seems unlikely that LTC has an especially bright future ahead, which means that if the price of LTC is able to hold steady at around $100, most analysts will consider that a good year for the long-running project.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a newcomer to the cryptosphere and has turned heads as a result of the compelling vision laid out in the whitepaper. Metacade has set out to be a major player in GameFi and will offer the largest library of play-to-earn (P2E) games as the centerpiece of the ecosystem.

The extensive library of games — all of which incorporate financial rewards for players — allows Metacade to differentiate itself from the majority of the GameFi sector through its focus on many possible gaming experiences rather than a singular one and a heavily integrated utility token, MCADE, the project has been touted as one that could deliver big profits for investors.

How does MCADE work?

The MCADE token is used as the currency of the Metacade ecosystem and is, therefore, crucial to the rewards system. Rewards extend beyond just the gaming experience as well, meaning that users are incentivized to improve the broader user experience for others too.

With MCADE used for every exchange of value across the platform, it’s clear that the onset of significant user growth many analysts are expecting this year will produce a great deal of buying pressure on the token.

Can MCADE reach $1 in 2023?

The MCADE token benefits as an investment from the huge amount of utility it provides to the Metacade ecosystem. This means that the aggressive roadmap of technical releases, coupled with high-engagement platform design, could drive a huge amount of value into the project over the course of the year.

MCADE also provides staking options to investors that allow for a passive income to be earned while holding, and this is likely to further restrict the supply velocity and force price appreciation over the remainder of 2023.

As an MCADE price of $1 requires a market cap of just $2 billion, it seems possible that MCADE will smash through the $1 barrier before the end of the year, given the strong potential in the project together with the token’s utility.

Which project is the best choice for investors?

The red-hot Metacade presale, which has already raised an eye-watering $10.9m in just 16 weeks, appears to be a compelling investment choice and seems very likely to present the best returns for investors.

As savvy investors know, the highest returns are reserved for those who get in early to high-potential projects rather than backing old players like Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and even Bitcoin, so securing MCADE now could easily be a better investment choice than almost every well-known crypto out there right now.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.


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